Tyron safety bands are a simple but effective safety device which can be potentially life-saving in the event of a blowout or puncture. For many years, they have been used by the military and first response vehicles such as police cars and ambulances. They offer excellent safety benefits particularly for motorhomes, caravans and trailers. You may also get an insurance premium discount with some companies for having the wheels fitted with Tyron’s Flat Tyre Protection bands – for example, the Camping and Caravan Club offers a 10% discount on insurance for caravans fitted with the safety device.  Tyron safety bands can save you money as well as potentially your life.

What are Tyron safety bands?

How do Tyron safety bands work?

Wheels are designed with a fitting "well" to allow the tyre to be fitted and removed. When inflated, the air pressure inside the tyres holds them in place on the “bead recess” of the wheel rim, away from this well.  However, when the air pressure drops as a result of a puncture, the tyre is able to move around and can even drop into the fitting well. If this happens the tyre can demount itself off the wheel rim, severely reducing safety, traction, braking and handling ability. Tyron safety bands are fitted inside the tyre to the wheel rim, filling the wheel "well" making  it physically impossible for the tyre to come off should it deflate, thus providing peace of mind in the knowledge that you will be provided with run flat capability allowing you to pull over to a safe stopping location.

Punctures on caravans and trailers are especially dangerous because they are  harder for you to detect the problem initially. This can result in putting both yourself and those around you in danger through the reduced handling ability of the vehicle. Tyron safety bands are a simple safety upgrade to your existing vehicle and only need to be purchased once for your vehicle.


Supply and fit (13″, 14″, 15″,16″ and 17″) bands £69.00 per wheel including VAT
Refit existing bands | £15.00 per wheel including VAT

We are an approved supplier for Tyron Bands. All you need do is call 01903 505500 to discuss your requirements.

More information can be found at the Tyron website on the following link https://www.tyron.co.uk

There is also a brochure and easy to follow  fitting instructions to download if you wish.

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