How to look after motorhome and caravan tyres over winter

Tyres do not react well to standing around for long periods and if caravans and motorhomes are left immobile for months on end there is an increased chance of tyre sidewall and tread deterioration. You can extend the life of your motorhome and caravan tyres by following a few simple steps which will maintain optimum performance and avoid any preventable problems:-

  1. Ideally, before the vehicles are put into hibernation for the winter period every motorhome and caravan tyre should be inspected for signs of damage and thoroughly cleaned with soapy water to remove any traces of chemicals and petrol, which could cause the rubber to perish.
  2. If possible raise the vehicle off the ground on jacks or axle stands to relieve the pressure on the tyres and avoid a flat spot. However, if this was not possible, it is highly advisable to rotate the wheels every six to eight weeks so the weight of the vehicle is not resting permanently on the same part of the tyre.
  3. Check the tyre pressures regularly and keep them topped up to manufacturers recommended level. This will ensure the tyre holds its shape.
  4. Protect the tyres from harmful UV rays. Tyres are predominantly made of rubber which is an organic material, and just like us, reacts poorly to UV so during winter keep them covered in order to shield the rubber. Make sure they remain covered, but avoid using plastic bags, which may cause condensation in the hub.

Getting motorhome and caravan tyres road-trip ready

The first thing to check is the general condition of the motorhome and caravan tyres. Signs of warping, bulging, cracking or objects embedded in the rubber could all lead to dangerous and costly blow outs while on the road. It is vital to carry out a thorough inspection of the tyres before hitting the road.

Next check the pressure. If the vehicle has stood unused over the winter it may be that its tyres have become under-inflated. Under-inflation is dangerous as it reduces grip and increases braking distance. The pressure needs to be checked and matched with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation, which can be found in the owner’s handbook. The pressure must be taken when the tyres are cold. Tyres warm up when driving increasing the pressure by up to 15% and this will give an inaccurate reading.

It is also imperative to know the age of caravan or motorhome tyres because this is often the main cause for requiring a replacement. Safety and industry experts recommend motorhome and caravan tyres are replaced when they are more than five-years-old, irrespective of how much tread remains.  For more information follow this link

Added safety with Tyron bands

As an extra precaution leisure vehicle owners are increasingly opting to fit Tyron Safety Bands to their caravans and motorhomes. These wheel safety bands are proven to reduce the risk of accident or damage following tyre deflation and allow the driver to remain in control in the event of a blow-out. You can read more on our FAQ page.

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