What is the default profile size for caravan tyres?

When choosing the right replacement tyre for your caravan, it is important to have all the relevant information to hand so that you can make the right choice. It is as simple and straightforward as ordering tyres for your car; however, there is one slight anomaly which you need to be aware of.

Missing digits in caravan tyre size?

The issue arises when it comes to identifying the size of the replacement caravan tyre required.  As with ordering car tyres, the best way forward is to check what the vehicle manufacturer recommends, which you will find in the owner’s manual, but also check the size of the current tyres fitted to your caravan, as a double check, in case a different tyre size has been fitted in the past. You will find the tyre size embossed on the sidewall of the tyre. As with a car, the format will resemble this sequence:

175/80 R14 88T

However, in some cases, there can be a slight difference between the sequence of digits and letters found on a car tyre compared to those on a caravan tyre.  For example, on a caravan tyre you might be presented with:

175 R14 88T

What is missing is the two-digit profile size:     175/_ _ R14 88T

If this is the case, either in your handbook or on the sidewall of the tyre, don’t panic!  Whenever the profile is not given it simply means the standard default rating (80) is applied and therefore is not embossed on the tyre by some manufacturers. It’s that straightforward. Any issues or queries you may have can easily be resolved by a quick phone call.

Why the load rating is also important when ordering caravan tyres

Finally, another very crucial consideration when ordering caravan tyres is that the load rating (also referred to as the load index) must always be sufficient to carry the maximum weight of the vehicle. This rating is denoted by the last two numbers in the sequence (eg 88).  The specification is set by the caravan manufacturer and will again be found in the vehicle handbook. Replacement tyres fitted to a caravan must also have a suitable speed index rating.  This is the last letter in the sequence (eg T).

Once you have established the correct tyres for your caravan you can order on-line from this sites home page or simply give us a call on 01903 505500 and we'll make arrangements to order them and fit. Don't forget we come to you so if the caravan is at home or in storage it is no problem and it has to go nowhere!

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